We have two locations in Bonita Springs, FL.

24860 S Tamiami Trail, Unit 1
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
Next to Tokyo Bay in the Bernwood Plaza.

3465 Bonita Beach Rd., Suite 7
Bonita Springs, FL 34134
In the same plaza as Sneaky Pete’s, close to the corner of 41 and Bonita Beach Rd.

Our rental rates range anywhere from $95 for part time (3 days per week) to $190 for full time (24/7 access) per week.

Renting a chair in a salon is a way to own your own business without the risk, expense and overhead of a traditional salon or suite while still being in a “salon atmosphere”.  As an independent stylist, you have the ability to work when you want, use and sell the products of your choice and not have a boss to answer to!

Whether it be suites or chairs, rental options are mainly designed for established beauty professionals with a solid client base.  However, with Salon Dajay’s flexible schedule and significantly low rental rates, we allow new stylists to take part in the entrepreneur world without having to have a full book! Salon Dajay provides each stylist with optional, on going business consulting, assisting with everything from credit merchants to advertising, helping stylists reach their maximum potential and turn their venture into a success!

You need your professional license from the state of Florida, business license and general and liability insurance.  Never fear!  We assist our stylists in obtaining all of these documents within the first 30 days of joining our salon!

Included in rent is a key(s) to the salon, use of towels, chair and station, washer/dryer, basic utilities such as water and electric, toiletries (paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, trash bags, cleaning products), drinking water, coffee, creamer and sweetener for clients, wfi, salon retail, and storage place for color and product.

Tenant will be responsible for phone service, appointments, advertisements, education, handling payment from his/her own customers, setting his/her own days and hours of operation, back bar supplies and all products and chemicals, styling tools, assistance, insurance, licenses, and any other needed services or supplies.

Being an independent stylist gives you all the benefits of owning your own business without the risk and expense!  In comparison to commission based salons, you will be able to double your income, work the hours you want, be your own boss and have time off when you need.  Doesn’t that sound fantastic?

With Salon Dajay’s open floor plan, you will still be able to work in a fun, exciting salon environment as you did at your commission salon!   You will be able to use any product of your choice and sell any product you want, keeping all the profits!